besides our standard products we can produce or offer almost any Beech Lumber product which you need for your production.

timber source

first of all we scource logs from sustainable managed forests from our local area.

forest forest2 Logtruck

log preparation for the saw mill

On the log yard the logs are trimmed to the required lengths, sorted, stored and handled carefully.
Before the logs come into the saw mill they go through a debarker.

logs-3 log-cut Entrindung

saw milling process

In the saw mill the logs are carefully processed by a band saw. Some smaller sized logs might be processed with a frame saw.
Throughout the milling process well-trained and skilled staff makes sure that the customers requirements regarding quality or grain patterns will be achived.

Einschnitt_1 Einschnitt_2 Einschnitt-3 Gangsaw

steaming process

Upon customers request the fresh sawn lumber may be treated in a steaming chamber for 14 to 24 hours, depending on the thickness.

drying process

After the lumber has been put on sticks the drying process starts. In a special air drying yard the lumber is either pre-dried for the following kiln drying process or just air dried according to customer's demand.


Kiln drying can be done in conventional drying chambers or in vacuum dryers.

KD-norm KD-vac

further processing

After drying (AD or KD) the lumber is either inspected again, measured, re-graded, and packaged for shippment or it goes through another processing step. Upon customer's request the lumber can be just square edged to random widths or it can be ripped and trimmed to elements of fixed widths and lengths.

ripsaw1  ripsaw3  cross-cut-circle  elements5 elements4  elements7  elements3  elements2  edged-lmbr edged-lmbr-3


shipping takes place just in time and according to customer's needs. Container loading of overseas shipments can be done directly at the mill.

Ctr-pack1  Ctr-pack3

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