Especially for the furniture industry, but for other manufacturers as well, we offer fixed sizes (elements / dimensions) of European Beech hardwood.

  • steamed or unsteamed
  • kiln dried to 8 - 10 % moisture content (6 - 8 % mc on special request)
  • cut to size after kiln drying (from KD boards)
  • thicknesses: min. 26 mm to 80 mm max.
  • widths: min. 45 mm to 300 mm max.
  • lengths: min. 300 mm to 4700 mm max.

The elements will be graded according to customers requirements. This may be a 4-sides clear grade or a grade which allows certain numbers or sizes of knots allowed. Also grades allowing red heart can be offered.

Depending on the product you want to produce out of the elements we will determine and agree on the grading.

ripsaw1  ripsaw3

laser beams mark the portions of the circular saw blades on the KD boards

cross-cut-circle  elements7  elements5  elements4

elements3   elements2

after ripping, cross cutting, and re-grading the elements are piled on pallets / skids